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Welcome to my new nutrition blog! As a nutritionist who deals with weight loss, I get all sorts of questions. This time of year, it’s all about which diet works best. Is it a cleanse, detox, raw foods, prepared foods, deprivation, starvation, etc. I understand that drastic times call for drastic measures, especially when the numbers on the scale are equaling your social security number. However, these quick fixes will suck more than just the water out of you— they’ll take your self-esteem, too. How many times have you said, “This will be the time, the year, the one?” Only to be disappointed by failure? Nobody likes to fail. And when we do, we blame ourselves. Then we feel bad, and when we feel bad, we eat. Can you see the pattern? Anything that takes you too far out of your comfort zone is bound to fail. Diets are not the answer. A diet, any diet, is a temporary fix. You have to look at what led to the diet in the first place. Usually there is a reason we are overweight (and it’s not always a thyroid problem). More often than not, it’s our daily habits gone wild. So how do we rein it all in? By taking a good, hard look at your lifestyle. For example, do most of the foods you eat come out of a box? Are you getting at least five fruits and vegetables a day? Do you exercise on a consistent basis? These are basic things. Somewhere along the way you walked off the beaten path seduced by a short-cut of quick fixes and fast foods. It’s not the answer. So go ahead and take a good, hard look. Change your lifestyle habits, and diets become inconsequential. In fact, kick all diets to the curb in 2010 and beyond! Make that your New Year’s Resolution! You won’t be disappointed. Remember, life is better without dieting…

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