What Seinfeld Taught Me About Overeating

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So there is this salad place I love to go to.

It has a glass counter where you see and choose what you want, and it all goes into a terrarium-shaped container.

The ingredients are fresh and varied, and the finished product is always delicious.

But lately I have noticed a grave mistake that could be costing me in the waistline department.

And now I am wondering if it is costing you, too.

You see, the salad bar starts off innocently enough; I get my roasted red peppers, edamame, artichoke hearts, chicken and balsamic vinaigrette. Always the same, and yet…

Depending on who makes the salad, it could be modestly sized or it could be gargantuan. Of course, I am always hoping for The Big Salad.

The “terrarium” bowl, much like a real-life terrarium is not small. So if you fill it, it could possibly feed a family of four (or hold at least four cactuses).

What I have come to realize, is that it doesn’t matter how large or small the serving is; I eat it.

Yes, there are times when I cannot move, and I question my motives as to why I feel compelled to always see the bottom of the container.

My rationale is; that it is salad and it is healthy, and it’s only veggies, and it’s good for me, and I could be eating something worse, and it’s wasteful to throw it out, yadda, yadda, yadda…

The reality is that I am overeating. Plain and simple.

I would never make a salad this grandiose in my own kitchen. Ever.

I have come to realize that I am suffering from The Big Salad Syndrome.

Are you?

It doesn’t have to be with salad. We do this will all kinds of foods/snacks/desserts, etc.

You can tell that you are suffering from The Big Salad Syndrome if you think/say/do the following:

-You let the size of the container be your guide, not your stomach

-You think because its “healthy”, it’s okay

-It pains you to waste food (yours or anyone else’s)

-You believe you can eat more because your original choice would have been far worse

-You have an obsessive need to see your reflection in the bottom of the bowl

In the end, weight loss is all about awareness.

When you are aware of the mindless ways you overeat, you can change them.

It’s that simple.

I now ask for a smaller salad; same place, same bowl, same satisfaction (albeit, a little less Seinfeldian).

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

So, what’s your Big Salad? Leave a comment below.

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