What's Your Plan?

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What do you want? I mean want do you truly want for your health, your body and your life? Most people don’t know. We know what we don’t want, and we are amazed that these are the very things we have. How come?

Well, what we fixate on is usually what we get. If you are too busy lamenting the size of your thighs, or how everyone else is healthier than you, or how your not living your best life, then you are wasting your time on that, not on how you can achieve the things you want.

My favorite questions is; “What’s your plan?” Don’t have one? Then you are not going to change anything. Change is big, bold and beautiful, and it always requires a plan. If you can’t tell me what you want, or where you want to go, then I can’t get you there. No one can. Not even you.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable. I found this out first hand this week, when I made a big decision of my own. In the process of deciding, all my “stuff” came up. Things like, who am I to think that I can have this? What if it doesn’t work? It’s a lot of money. What if it snows in November?!! Yada, yada, yada. Crazy talk like this will keep you (and me) in the same place forever.

Getting yourself to the place you want to be requires only three steps. First off, what do you want? Secondly, what’s your plan to get it? And third, take that first step. This requires stepping through the fire, and the voices, and the self-doubt, and the fear. The biggest dream-killer is doing nothing at all.

You can  (and will!) have amazing health, and the body you always wanted, and the life of your dreams. Plan on it.

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