What's Your Story?

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What’s your story? We all have an eating story; one that has been written through time and many meals long forgotten.  Maybe your story is you always fail whenever you try to lose weight, or you stop losing at a certain point, or you can’t stay focused on one plan, or you’ve always been an overeater, or always the chunky one. You may be thinking, “But this is who I am”. And that is true. But unless you want this to be who you will always be, the story has to be rewritten, and you are the only one who can change it. Today, every great movie has a sequel and I believe every great life should have one too.

The problem with our life story is we believe it, even though time has faded the details. We become fixated on all the times we didn’t, couldn’t or should’ve.  Now we are older (unfortunately) and wiser (hopefully) and we know there are two sides to every story. So now it is time to tell your tale from a different perspective. Highlight all the times you were feeling great, eating healthy and generally felt good about yourself. This is how your next chapter has to be. Fill each page with hope, optimism, dedication, and the joy of overcoming tremendous odds. Just because you “used to be”, doesn’t mean you are. Yes, you can reach your goals and live to tell about it. Remember, the life you live is your story.  Turn the page.

What would your new story be?

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