Who Are You?

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Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we are capable of and what we can accomplish.  I see so many people fall short of their weight loss goals because they just couldn’t convince themselves that it could actually be done.

This is not only true of weight loss, but of all areas of life. The unspoken question remains, “Who am I to ask/need/want such a thing?”

So who are you? I dusted off my old poetry skills to deliver this one.

Who Are You?
Who are you to feel so small and dream so big?

Who are you to want so much when you were raised in undeserving circumstance?

Can you believe that now, at this stage, your life could be different?

That somehow, against all odds you could make it happen? Get it done?

I know you are a person who believes.

Who through it all still holds fast to a glimmer of hope, of possibility, of greatness. The same glimmer you saw, but could not catch, so many years ago.

At what point does one say it is not you? You were not meant to be such things. That greatness is for others?

That is the beauty or the sadness of it. That you can still wake anew every morning and for the smallest of seconds, believe in you.

Even now.

are you waiting for?


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