Women, Food & You (VIDEO)

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Occasionally I run across something I think is so beautiful and so important, that I feel compelled to share. The following YouTube video is one of those instances.

Shrinking Women by Lily Myers is a must watch. It is 3.34 minutes that beautifully expresses the intricate dynamic between women and food.

As you will see, and may not realize; we weave our own stories around sustenance. Some of those threads come from others; the particular stitch we choose is our own.

This is about food and life and not knowing that every bite we take nourishes or deprives the next generation.

Your food story is yours alone.

Through time a story can be rewritten, misinterpreted, or unknowingly become a  guide we live our life by.

I encourage you to leaf through the pages of your food story with curiosity, open eyes, and forgiveness.

The last chapter is yours to create. I encourage you to pull up to the table and begin.

To see this amazing VIDEO click Shrinking Women

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